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The PamCare Network is a provider network that rolls hidden discounts from the public eye and gives them exclusively to our membership holders to save them money.
The PamCare Network has several services to assist Small Business Owners. You can enroll your business in the PamCare Network to drive an increased amount of business your way with providing discounts to our members with your Provider Status, increasing word of mouth referrals. We also assist with Small Business Recovery, offering a plan of action to combat the issues you may have, as well as a doing a complete competitive analysis with independent mystery shopping services to aid in helping your business increase its customer base and increase profits while repairing any internal conditions.
The PamCare Network Consists of providers in your local area as well as providers throughout the state of Texas and Beyond. We provide our members significant discounts on goods and services through our providers in network. Our VIP members can receive up to 20% off of Goods and Services, while our ELITE Members have access to up to 40% off those same goods and services. Both options save you money.  
No, we are strictly a discount program. Groupon has discounts that expire and your options are limited, with PamCare, we negotiate the discounts for our members with our providers to give the best discount possible while ensuring great customer service without any of the hassle of the upsell. The disciunt you see, is the discount you get. We Differ from Angie's List as we have providers that are offering great customer service and satisfaction as well as a discount. We gear more towards the consumer making a choice based on what their pockets can afford vs having a bidding war on a project.
Our VIP Membership comes with a discount card and the discounts range between 10-20% off goods and services depending on the provider you choose. Our ELITE Membership comes with a yearly calendar with discounts and coupons available all year as well as the opportunity to win various discounts and prizes each month. The discounts for the ELITE members are set between 15-40% off of goods and services depending on the providers. With all memberships, it is up to the provider if they will allow the combination of outside coupons and discounts to membership holders.
YES WE CAN!!  We have a team of experts in various fields that get together and bring different approaches to help get your business back on its feet. You select one of the Business Recovery options, then you will have your initial meeting between your personal Recovery Artist. The meeting goes over your inital view of your business, the company's highs and lows, as well as any significant struggles that should be brought to our attention. The Interdisciplinary Team has a meeting within 48 hours to discuss a goal for your company. It is then written up and sent to you for review. Upon approval, we will begin working towards recovering your business. We will make every attempt to bring your vision to life.
Well Sheesh! We hate to see you go! If you would like to cancel your subscription, click the 'contact us' link and input your name, phone number, and member id number. We will contact you and verify your information and cancel your membership and send a verification.